180 EUR


· Hand crocheted in Stockholm
· By Astrid Gustafsson
· Utilizing collection waste fabrics
· Each necklace is unique
· A2248BBLA

Our Bow Necklace in Black. Hand crocheted in Stockholm by artisan Astrid Gustafsson. All necklaces are made from collection leftovers such as Our Legacy shirting, jersey and silk. Every necklace is decorated with different pearls made of materials such as stones and silver in different colors, making every piece unique. All the rings are sterling silver.

This necklace is a crafted object made exclusively for OUR LEGACY.

Each necklace will be unique in hue, size and appearance and may differ from the version shown. The necklace will be shaped by its wearer and naturally evolve over time.

Approximate measurements: 70 cm x 1.5 cm


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