Coffee For Peace

This special microlot coffee comes from the farm of Luis Humberto Busto in the Meta region of Colombia. It is the very first coffee from this area to achieve Colombian export, and is a remarkable milestone in both dedication and quality.

This washed coffee is carefully roasted to reveal tasting notes of Vanilla, Honeysuckle, and Peach.

This release is part of Coffee for Peace – an alliance of farmers and allies formed to aid specialty coffee production in conflict afflicted regions of Colombia, with the ultimate goal being a transition to peace. Homecoming & Our Legacy Work Shop are proud to assist in bringing this worthy endeavor, and exceptional coffee to a global audience.

Homecoming is a NYC based brand founded by Vanessa Chinga-Haven, Paul Tsang Diaz and Scott Haven. Since 2013 our intention has been to bring our favorite things, people, and ideas together into one space. This pursuit continues across our retail/cafe locations, and is fundamental in our approach to coffee sourcing and roasting. We work to procure some of the world’s finest lots, and foster lasting relationships with the goal of achieving the best possible coffee. Friends & Family forever.

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