180 EUR

Midnight Blue Jersey

· Hand crocheted in Stockholm
· By Sarah Murkes
· Utilizing collection waste fabrics
· Each beanie is unique
· A4238CBSM12

Our Crochet Beanie in Midnight Blue Jersey. Hand crocheted in Stockholm by artisan Sarah Murkes, the Crochet Beanie is made from collection leftovers such as Our Legacy shirting, jersey, denim, nylon and silk making each piece unique. The fabrics are torn apart to create the ”fabric-strips” which are then used to assemble the beanies.

This beanie is a crafted object made exclusively for OUR LEGACY.

Each beanie will be unique in hue, size and appearance and may differ from the version shown. The Crochet Beanie will be shaped by its wearer and naturally evolve and stretch over time.


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