Hometown glory! Hailing in from Jamaica Queens, New York lies Denim Tears founder and Ambitious Aesthete Tremaine Emory. Hailing in from Stockholm, Sweden lies Notorious Nonchalance Our Legacy. Finally, hailing in from Laguna Beach, California lies Surf Subversion Stüssy. The Master of Ceremonies inauguration for this collaboration is a fitting one if you know how Emory opted to cut his teeth. What do they all have in common? The ability to protest the parameters of style. When assembling the collection, Emory continued to live up to his reputation as an iconoclast who has paradoxically interrupted the course of contemporary fashion. Since developing his provocative-brainchild-cum-apparel-brand, one constant remains clear - Denim Tears is an unretouched portfolio of Tremaine’s ‘Afro-Americana.’ Through a learned resonance of the hardcore and punk movements, Denim Tears straddled the coasts of counterculture with a monochromatic collection in collaboration with Stüssy and Our Legacy. Threaded by its cotton co-conspirator Levis, Type 2 Trucker Jackets and Denim Tears 501’s are adorned in extreme magnitude by each brands hometown and talisman crests. Tremaine and his sartorial stalwart’s want you to make a scene because there is simply no room for subtlety.

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