Emporio Armani

A collaborative project where inspiration, curation and execution have been shared between the two houses, resulting in a merged world, blending old and new, reworked yet unmistakable silhouettes.

The synergy between Emporio Armani’s distinctive style and OUR LEGACY’s inventive approach creates a unique journey.

Available November 17th 11:00 CET

Our Legacy Stockholm 12:00 CET
Jakobsbergsgatan 11, 111 44

Work Shop Stockholm 12:00 CET
Rödabergsgatan 6, 113 33

Our Legacy Berlin 12:00 CET
Tucholskystraße 45, 10117

Our Legacy London 12:00 GMT
1 Silver Place, W1F 0JW

Work Shop Pop Up Seoul 11:00 KST
21, Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu

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